County GIS Mapping


Abbeville County Assessor's Office

Interim Assessor-Gray Turner
903 W. Greenwood Street
 Suite 2200          
Abbeville, SC  29620
Phone:   864-366-5312 ext. 51
Fax:        864-366-6632
Hours:    Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM


Welcome to the Abbeville County Assessor's Office. We hope that you will find the information on our site to be useful to you in understanding your property taxes. We have a total staff of four to help assist our citizen inquiries. 

The primary responsibility of the Assessor's Office is to value real property for ad valorem tax purposes. This is so that we each pay our fair share of the cost of the services provided by paying tax in proportion to the value of our property.

The Abbeville County Assessor's Office has implemented a GIS system to better serve our county's citizens.  It can be accessed by pointing your browser to http://gis.abbevillecountysc.com/abbeville/default.htm.  Please read the notes, instructions and disclaimer carefully before you initially proceed.  It is our hope that this effort will benefit our citizens and facilitate commerce and industry in Abbeville County.

Click a link below to find information on the following topics:


Function - the reason for our existence and our responsibilities.

Property Classification - how property is classified and the tax rate, as well as explanations of possible tax relief and/or exemptions.

Common Terms - helpful explanations of terms used in real property taxation.

Property Valuation  - how property is appraised for tax purposes.

Legal Residence - explanation of the requirements to qualify for this tax relief.

Agricultural Use - how property qualifies for a substantial tax break for bona fide agricultural use.

Roll Back Taxes - explains how up to 5 years taxes are due on agricultural use property that is changed to a different use class such as a subdividion or commercial development.

Reassessment - explains the process for the re-evaluation of all taxable real estate in the county as prescribed by state law.

Appeal Process - explains the process should you disagree with your fair market value, use classification, ratio, etc.  Appeals based on the tax bill amount cannot be considered as grounds for an assessment appeal.

Mobile Homes/Manufactured Homes - explains certain procedures for the transfer of mobile homes and how they can be recorded for tax purposes.

Multiple Lot Discount - explains the criteria for special discounted value for subdivision lots that qualify.

Property Combinations - criteria for combined property parcels to receive on tax bill.


On-Line Documents - documents that can be printed from your computer and mailed or brought to our office.

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